Another Successful Kelvingrove Walk!

Another Successful Kelvingrove Walk

Kelvingrove Walk Part 2

The Friends converged on a rainy autumn afternoon for Part 2 of Margaret Anderson?s highly entertaining walking tour of Kelvingrove Park. Luckily Margaret had warned us to be prepared for all that the weather could throw at us, so the wet weather didn?t dampen our enthusiasm as we were led on a fascinating foray through the historical green woodlands of Glasgow?s west end.

Starting on Kelvingrove?s east side, Margaret imparted many gems of information about the park?s origins and development, some fascinating background to its monuments, memorials and structures, and histories of some of the prominent citizens of Glasgow whose life and works the park celebrates.

As we walked, Margaret gave vivid accounts of the great exhibitions hosted in Kelvingrove Park in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, enormous events which attracted millions of visitors from all over the world. We were led past sites of now disappeared grand halls and buildings, and crossed bridges over the surging Kelvin that were built to last, while hearing about the inherent design flaws of the ones which were not (and did not!).

We rounded off the tour with a delicious afternoon tea in the Kelvingrove Museum and Art Gallery Cafe, from where we could look out at the Park and envisage scenes from its past as described by our inspirational guide.