Financial Report AGM October 2020

The last financial year 2019/2020 was a busy one for the Friends. The following Grants were awarded during this year:

1. Childrens’ Art Competition – œ2,140

2. Portrait of Lord Mungo Murray – œ20,000

3. Purchase of Ticket Book for Turkey Red – œ3,000

4. Lachlan Goudie Paintings – œ10,000

5. Eric Watt Book – œ5,000

6. GoMA Youth Project – œ3,500

7. Camel Caravan Tapestry – œ10,000

Total: œ53,640

The beginning of a new subscription year was affected by the pandemic. Our hard-working Administrator Joanne, was able to enter Kelvingrove Art Gallery just before it closed and pick up what mail there was. Those of you who pay by cheque and sent a cheque in during March should have received a current membership card by now. The members who pay by standing order also should have received a current card. I take this opportunity to remind those members who pay by standing order to cancel their previous payment and also check that the new amount is being paid into the Clydesdale Bank, Milngavie.

Once again, the Lectures and Excursions have been very successful and have been frequently oversubscribed. We are indebted to the Blue Badge Guides who give their time and knowledge freely together with the Lecturers who have informed and delighted us with information not readily available.

After all expenses incurred by the Excursions and Lectures, the total net amount isÿœ5,812.

It is hoped that access to the office in Kelvingrove Art Gallery will soon be available and the remaining memebrship cards can be posted out.

As we are all aware by now, these are unprecedented times with no clear idea of when we will be able to resume our duties as a Committee. More than ever, we value our Members and trust, sincerely that you will keep your membership active to support the survival of the Friends.

Morag C Robertson, Finance Convenor

October 2020