Join us for our February online Zoom lecture! Glasgow Royal Infirmary Museum: Celebrating and Commemorating the GRI





Monday, 27th February 2023 at 2pm

Glasgow Royal Infirmary Museum: Celebrating and Commemorating the GRI

Glasgow Royal Infirmary (GRI), the oldest hospital in Glasgow, first opened its doors in 1794. Now in its 229th year, the hospital has played host to countless men and women who have changed the face of medical and nursing practice throughout the world. From Joseph Lister and the discovery of antisepsis, William Macewen and the first successful brain surgery, Rebecca Strong and the development of a novel nurse training scheme to O.H. Mavor (James Bridie) who amongst many other things founded The Citizen’s Theatre alongside the founder of Friends of Glasgow Museums, Dr Tom Honeyman.

The Friends of Glasgow Royal Infirmary have established a museum on site at the GRI to celebrate and commemorate the rich history of the hospital. They have a commitment to sustainability and keep bees and are creating a medicinal garden and walk. The talk will cover some of the history of GRI as well as development of the museum and garden projects.

Kate Stevens and Hilary Wilson are Consultant Physicians at GRI as well as Trustees of Friends of GRI. They love medical history and bees and FOGRI lets them combines both of these!