Many thanks to our splendid musical entertainment at our AGM last night!

many thanks agm

Our first in-person AGM at The Glasgow Art Club went very well last night. Many thanks to Outi Smith and Nicolas Gaul for entertaining us with a medley songs ranging from ?Hello Central, Give me Dr Jazz?to the beautifully evocative ?Misty?. The resonated around the Keppie Mackintosh Gallery as we were transported back a time of Hollywood glamour and gritty life in mid 20th Century America!

After the drinks reception and entertainment, we got down to the business of the evening; the Chairman?s Report, the Financial Convenor?s Report and Presentation of the Accounts for 2012/2022(can be viewed in the Members Area of the website), the Vice-Chair?s PowerPoint Presentation, ?FoGM-Old Friends and New Beginnings?(can be viewed in the Members Area of the website), the appointment of an Independent Examiner, Election of Members of the Executive Committee and a proposed amendment to the constitution.ÿ

A special thanks to each member of the Executive Committee for all their hard work and dedication over the last year and in particular, the preparation required for the AGM. We would not be able to offer FOGM?s membership such a wide variety of events and experiences without all their commitment, ideas and enthusiasm.ÿ