Online lecture – Lachlan Goudie “Stewarts”, Stags, “Spooks” and Splendour; The Story of Scottish Art




Online lecture – Lachlan Goudie

Lachlan Goudie will take you in a fast fling through 5,000 years of Scottish Art. In a passionate and personal account, brimming with fascinating characters and historical events, Lachlan will describe how creativity shaped Scotland’s past, its culture and its destiny. Scottish art never existed in isolation. Lachlan will reveal how Scotland’s artists and craftsmen created work that influenced and responded to the aesthetic movements transforming the global course of art history. It’s a tale of radicals and visionaries, artists and an international mindset and a bold sense of their own cultural background, who resolved to create work at the forefront of Western art and culture. 

Lachlan Goudie is an artist, author and broadcaster who wrote and presented the landmark BBC television series “The Story of Scottish Art”.