Online Practical Tutored Art Class “Interiors and the Model” Tuesday 19th October





Join us for a practical Art session based on FCB Cadell’s painting, “The Orange Blind”, which is on display in Kelvingrove Art Gallery. We will explore¬†how we can create interiors inspired by the artworks using spaces we know. Hugo, our tutor from Drawing Life Glasgow, will recreate a modern interpretation of Cadell’s painting, “The Orange Blind”, using his photographs of the interiors and ornaments found at The Glasgow Art Club. The first half of the class will cover creating an image of the interior, with the second half having a live model pose as “The Lady in Black”. All supported with instructions and guided by Hugo. The class will be relaxing and results are not the priority; experimentation is welcome; feel free to use art materials that you have at hand, i.e., pencils, pens, [aints, charcoal, paper or cardboard.